Writing on technology, company building, and green tech.

All of my long-form thoughts on product design, leadership, energy transition, and more, collected in chronological order.

The Story of Core

The history behind my first company, from idea all the way through launch. I talk about our prototyping approach, fundraising, our beta programs, and my learnings along the way.

Apple Vision Pro

My thoughts on the launch of Apple Vision Pro. Topics include Apple’s massively favorable strategic positioning and the potential for Vision Pro to replace the Mac. I also discuss where I see the money being made, and the need for AR infrastructure and 3D content libraries. I then discuss some app ideas for developers and things that I’m most excited about as a product designer.

Embracing the Launch

This blog is a refreshing spot for passionate technologists and product enthusiasts, featuring cool product stuff, demystifying tech, and a peek into what I’m working on. Expect visuals, sketches, and designs to add color to the discourse. Stay tuned!