I'm Brian Bolze, a tech-obsessed product developer based in Boston.

With degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Duke and a Masters in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford, I dove headfirst into the startup world. I launched Core, a venture-backed tech outfit creating innovative meditation tools. As founding CTO and jack-of-all-trades, I juggled coding, product strategy, and soft skill finesse, guiding our product from beta to our first $1M in revenue before Hyperice came knocking. Read my blog post here to get the whole story.

Ever since Jobs unveiled the iPhone, I've been hooked on the thrill of technology. Whether it was launching my first mobile app, understanding the tangible reality of the internet at Akamai, or diving into my music & AI research project in undergrad with my amazing, nerdy AI professor, every encounter fanned my startup flames. There's just something about the development and launch of a well-crafted tech product that ignites my soul.

Today, my passion has me dabbling in angel investing through our family office, Standish Spring Investments, focusing on energy transition, AI, and even the odd local business. With Hyperice in the rearview, I'm exploring what's next, always with my hands in the tech soil.

Reach out to me on Twitter until my site discussions are up and running. Stay curious!