Embracing the Launch

Welcome to my little corner of the internet - a refreshing spot for passionate technologists and product enthusiasts who don't shy away from getting their hands dirty.

Expect to dive into some cool product stuff, demystify some tech, and have a peek into what I'm working on and what I believe to be next on the horizon (think generative AI and green-tech, not crypto or meh-taverse).

I'm a big fan of visuals, so expect a lot of those. I'll try to relieve some pressure on your eyes with sketches, diagrams, and designs straight from my Figma files or my iPad's canvas. Let's add a dash of color to the often monotonous text-based discourse.

I'm not going to promise to unveil the secrets of the universe (yet), but I do hope this blog makes the vast world of tech a tiny bit more accessible and interesting.

Illustration of a man at desk desk working on his blog thinking about the vast world of tech
Image generated by Midjourney

Stay curious, stay tuned.